AESE Mission


Our mission is to advance efforts toward Christian environmental stewardship that have up till now been informal and occasional.

--Our goal is to promote conversation, research, and publication on issues relevant to saving the creation, and to make the results of our efforts effective in colleges and universities, seminaries, institutes, organizations, homes, communities, and in environmental policies and practices in which we participate.

--As scientists and ethicists who are professing and committed Christians, we apply our expertise to formulate resources useful to the global community of persons and organizations working to affect the care and restoration of the creation.

--These resources, taking the form of written documents, lectures, seminars, workshops, and short courses, reflect the highest standards of scientific rigor, objectivity, and competency.

--Our hope is that our efforts will become known both in the evangelical world and beyond, and that the AESE will become a reliable, credible and authoritative** source of scientific and ethical knowledge for Christian environmental stewardship, faithful earthkeeping, and the care of the creation.

April, 2017