Membership in the AESE happens as follows:

1.Individuals become members of the AESE based upon their qualifications, professional status, expertise, and contributions to Christian environmental stewardship

2.There are four levels of membership in the AESE:

--Student membership (available to those graduate students in the process of being certified in one or another environmentally-related discipline)
--Associate membership: available to people who wish to join but who are not in the academy or do not have terminal degrees in their fields or are not in fields associated with expertise that touches on creation care.

--Full membership: available to those who hold the highest academic degree in their field of scholarship and research, or demonstrate equivalent levels of expertise and achievement
--Fellows membership: available to those who not only meet the minimal standards for membership, but have achieved unusual distinction in their field(s) of work

3.Scientists and ethicists become members of the AESE through nomination by existing Fellows of the Academy

4.AESE Fellows, as scientists and ethicists, are expected to be members of an evangelically-committed church, and to affirm three statements which express the commitment of the AESE and our understanding of the situation in which we have been placed:

--A statement of faith (Apostle’s Creed)
--A general statement of understanding of the environmental crisis
and our responsibility toward its amelioration (Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation”
--A general statement of understanding in relation to the climate crisis (Oxford Declaration
on Climate Change)

April, 2017