Recent Publications (Cal)


C. B. DeWitt, 2016. “Earth stewardship and Laudato Si’, in the Quarterly Review of Biology, September, 2016.

C. B. DeWitt, 2015. Carbon, Climate, and Self-Control: Prophetic Teachings of the Biosphere.pdf

(Paper presented at the seminar on Human and Natural Ecology: Economic, Political, and Cultural Implications, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 3-5. Sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, United States Catholic Conference, Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, and St. Paul Seminary. To be published as a book of presented papers.)

C. B. DeWitt, 2012. The Deadly Misnomer of “Fossil Fuels”--Just because you can set some things on fire doesn’t mean you should. Sojourners 41 (9): 10.

  1. C.B. DeWitt. Earth’s Biospheric Economy.

C. B. DeWitt, 2007. The Creation: Reinstating Its Awesome Meaning in Science and

C. B. DeWitt. Climate Care: Our Profound Moral Imperative.

C. B. DeWitt. Creation, Care, and Evangelical Relief and Development. Occasional Paper #4. Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Agencies (AERDO).

CRC Creation Stewardship Task Force Report, 2012.

C. B. DeWitt, Earthwise: A Guide to Hopeful Creation Care (Link).