Academy of Evangelical Scientists and Ethicists (AESE)

Dedicated to the Care of the Creation


Over the last two decades, a growing number of evangelical scientists ad ethicists have taken up the cause of caring for the creation, in the process developing a number of informal networks and associations to advance their work.

   But times change. In part due to our efforts, Creation care has advanced to the point where our informal networks and associations are not enough. A new organizational form is needed to facilitate our work.

   The newly-formed Academy of Evangelical scientists and Ethicists (AESE), which recently received its 501 (c)3 certification from the IRS, will encourage our interaction, facilitate our research and writing on environmentally-related issues, and magnify our impact on the church, the academy, the nation, and the world.

   Through our work, it is my hope that we will become a reliable, credible, and significant source of scientific and ethical information on Christian environmental stewardship.

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--Cal DeWitt--Oregon, Wisconsin



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Article: “Earth Stewardship and Laudato Si’ (listed as one of the most read articles within the past 12 months in Quarterly Review of Biology, September, 2016.)
Article: “Pope Francis: Climate as a ‘Common Good’”
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